This season we have a wide range of designs
Introducing PRANK PROJECT bodysuits.

Moire Printed Tulle Bodysuit

A bodysuit made of power mesh material with a bold moire pattern printed on it.
The subtle logo embroidery on the front is also a highlight.

¥16,500 tax included

Denim Bodysuit

Made from stretch denim, this piece has just the right amount of chemical processing to give it an edgy look.
You can enjoy a wide range of styling, from sporty to feminine bottoms.

¥22,000 tax included

Scuba Bodysuit

A bodysuit made from sporty scuba material.
The simple design makes it easy to mix and match, and the open back design gives it a feminine and relaxed look.

¥15,400 tax included

Monogram Lace Cami Bodysuit

A set item consisting of an inner and a lace cami bodysuit.
It is also useful as a separate piece to mix and match, and is recommended as a piece that can be worn all year round.

¥18,700 tax included

Crash Bodysuit

This piece is made using a crisp, high-gauge cut-and-sew material, with careful attention paid to the texture of the material.
The grunge feel of the fabric and the femininity of the waistline are mixed well to add a casual feel.

¥17,600 tax included

Half Sleeve Shirt Bodysuit

A half-sleeve shirt-style bodysuit with a structured silhouette that accentuates the shoulders.
Wide sleeves and a sharp body create a contrasting silhouette.
The open back design gives a cool feeling.

¥26,400 tax included

Monogram Lace Bodysuit

A lace top made of delicate tulle material with an original monogram pattern embroidered on it.
Another key point is that the silhouette is not too tight and does not show off your body lines too much.
This is a versatile item that can be worn over a men's-style oversized T-shirt or used as a lay or yard item.

¥17,600 tax included

Half Zip Tank Top

A tank top bodysuit with a fresh half-zip design.
To prevent the casual items from looking too masculine, the square neckline and shaped waist add a feminine touch.

¥12,100 tax included

Combi Tulle Bodysuit

A bodysuit made of stretch lace with delicate floral and diamond patterns.
The removable shoulder pads add a modern touch without being too sexy.

¥19,800 tax included